2013 Trip Report & Video


Thank you so very much to all who prayed and supported us in this most recent trip.  Here is a recap of some of the highlights:

  • Our Travel: We never missed a flight, and all connections were made without a hitch! Our only negative experience was the loss of a 5″ switch-blade we had bought as a gift for Asher.  We had forgotten that it was in Scott’s backpack, and although we made it all the way through Russian security, the Germans were not to be bamboosled. . . those Germans don’t miss a thing!
  • Our Meetings: Every meeting we had was a divine appointment!  In some meetings we got the privilege of encouraging new families to consider discipling their own children; in other meetings we were recruiting willing volunteers to help us organize the spring conference.
  • A Conference Venue: Although we have not confirmed this, it appears that the Lord has led us to a perfect location for a Family Discipleship Conference.  We hope to partner with the St. Petersburg Christian University, a facility that has a great meeting room, several smaller meeting rooms, a full-service cafeteria, guest housing, and most importantly, an interest in support what we’re trying to accomplish!
  • Our Financial Support: The Lord provided every penny we needed for this trip, and even a little extra to begin plans for the spring trip.  Along with the sacrificial giving of so many of our friends and sister churches, I’m particularly excited about a grant given by the Home School Legal Defense Association and the interest on behalf of this great organization to be involved in this spring conference.

After settling back into our life here in Colorado we’re ready to get started in preparation for a major homeschooling conference to be held, likely in early March of 2014, in St. Petersburg, Russia.  We think our trip was a resounding success.  We have several Russian homeschooling families interested in helping us AND a possible venue to hold the event!

Check out the video below
to get a snapshot of the trip and please let us know if you’re open to help in any of the following areas