8 American Children Open Unexpected Doors for Homeschooling in Russia!


– Report from Blake Purcell, Director of Slavic Reformation Society

Yesterday Cathy, Hannah Roorda and I drove 2 hours to the border of Finland, to Vyborg, Russia to be with the Davidsons at Sunday worship.  After the service I heard incredible news about how the pastor, Andre Furmanov, had been preparing his whole church of 150 to begin homeschooling next September.  This is a huge open door, and pastor Andre said that the fact that the Davidsons brought all 8 of their children knocked the feet out from under the argument some had been using, that “Homeschooling was easy for Americans, because everything is easy for Americans. This is Russia!”  Pastor Andre told me at lunch, “nothing is easy for a family with 8 children at home!”  He told me that the Davidson’s visit has persuaded 10 of 13 families with kids in the home to homeschool next fall.  (He is working on the other 3 he said.)

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