Feedback from Conference Evaluations…


There is nothing more motivating to continue on with the ministry than the feedback we get after a conference…


“Thank you very much for organizing such an important conference. It was my first time here. There were a lot of useful and wise information. This conference has encouraged me for homeschooling. The power of this conference is in the fact that Jesus Christ is here the Lord, His truth is the priority. The teaching is very healthy. I want so much to homeschool my kids (3 sons and 1 daughter), I don’t think it will be harder than “pulling off the weeds of public school education”.  Me and my husband are Christians, we live in the city of Mogilyov (Belarus), it’s 400 thousand people and there are no homeschooling families in our city. It’s hard to be the first one to start. But it’s possible with God’s help. Glory to God that we met you and found out about homeschooling.  Come to us to Belarus and we will organize such conference with God’s help. I wish more people would know about such education way in my country.”

-With love from Mogilyoy, Belarus


“Words cannot describe how THANKFUL I am to the Lord for this conference! I enjoyed every bit of it like the sweetest treat from heaven! My only wish was to be able to be present at all of the workshops and seminars… but I could choose only certain ones))) I am so glad they recorded everything and I hope to watch the ones I couldn’t attend! Ever since I gave birth to my first child I have had a great burden on my heart  to pass my faith to him. The Lord gave me an idea to write 10 commandments for our home based on the 10 commandments of the Bible. Then I tried to unite parents in our church so that we could pursue that goal of teaching our kids to walk with God. As a result we established a weekly prayer. Many times I prayed alone, but I kept praying. Then suddenly in the beginning of August of 2016 I felt led by the Lord to start homeschooling my firstborn, who at that time had two years of government school experience that did not do him any good, but made him disconnected from me. The first three months of our ” homeschool” was a nightmare! I made all the possible and impossible mistakes one can make. My poor son… I still feel sorry for him. No wonder that he wanted to go back to school. At that time knowing in my heart that I do the right thing but being absolutely unprepared I felt so devastated, almost depressed… It was then that the Lord miraculously let me find out about the vk group that contained the recordings     Of the previous conferences. I learned about other successful homeschooling parents like Oksana Ageeva, Ludmila Whitman and your family. It was like fresh water to me!!! I received so much encouragement and inspiration!

I am so thankful that the Lord gave my husband the same heart for homeschooling. He was all the time very supportive. That’s why when we learned about this particular conference we made it a priority in our calendar and came all 5 of us! I had no idea how I would be able to participate with an always wiggling busy toddler, but the Lord took care of that too and I was able to hear him speak to me and rekindle my heart and spirit!

During this conference while I was listening to the speakers, homeschool graduates and parents I got more and more reassured that I was led by the Lord and it was not a mistake or emotional desire to homeschool. IT WAS TOTALLY GOD’S IDEA! Not mine!  I kept hearing in my heart behind all the words that I listened too: I WIRED YOU this way, so that you COULD homeschool! Oh, how dependent it makes me on Him because there is so little I know or can do on my own. Then as Danny Craig shared his message on life’s calling and then he sang that famous hymn, I sat all tearful because I prayed and said to God that I wanted to raise my son to be like this, to have the same eternally minded perspective on life like he does…   It all was possible because you were obedient to God! What a treasure you are in the Kingdom of God and to our family! Thank you SO MUCH!!!  We love you and bless you!!!”

-Olya Blagoeva  from Ivanovo, Russia



“About a year ago me and my wife met Scott and Andie, when they came for couple days to visit our church in the town of Luga (100 miles out of St. Petersburg) and told us about an option of homeschooling. It was an answer from God for us, we were already talking about it in our family – we were not satisfied with public school education.  Two month after that our older son Egor finished 3rd grade and we pulled him out of school. We also took our younger son out of the kindergarten. Because of you we have changed our life radically and we are so HAPPY.  Thank you very much for the opportunities to meet and grow because of your experience. I praise God for you!”

-Dasha from Luga, Russia



“Thank you very much for organizing the conference. It’s already the third time I come, and it’s a great encouragement and training for me personally. All the main speakers were super, especially Israel Wayne and Michael Donnelly.  Thank you that you were open to my questions and included topics I mentioned earlier. Especially that there were a lot of training about preschoolers. Every conference God reveals me a lot through speakers and changes my family. May God bless you all.”                                                                                                         – Anonymous

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