The Lord is Working in Vyborg!

Here is a short video of our time here in Vyborg so far… don’t miss the geography challenge for any homeschooled children for a chance to win a prize all the way from Russia!  Enjoy!  (Continue reading below for the whole story)

Thank you for your faithful prayers, it is obvious they are being received by the Lord and we are honored to see Him move on behalf of the precious believers here in Vyborg, Russia. Nearly 25 years ago, pirated radio signals coming across the airwaves from Scandinavia were being heard by a teen aged boy living under the Soviet Union, the first seeds of faith were being planted in his heart.  Soon after, through the testimony of a campus crusade minister, the Lord converted the heart of Andre Furmanov and started a fire for evangelism and discipleship that is still burning strong to this day.  A few years later and before the fall of the iron curtain, a Finnish missionary smuggled 24 Bibles across the border and secretly hid them in a bathroom stall for Andre to find.  Having exactly 24 students he was attempting to minister to in the school he was working, Andre saw this as a sign from the Lord to boldly evangelize all 24 students – which became the start of a faithful, Christian Church in Vyborg.  Over twenty years later, many of those students still worship together weekly, along with spouses, children and other believers.  This is the story of the amazing church we have been working with over this past week in Vyborg, Russia.

Arriving last Saturday evening, and still trying to get over jetlag, we attended church the next morning and held a seminar that evening for families who were interested in the idea of home education.  Nearly 50 people showed up and we shared from our hearts how the Lord has led us to a lifestyle of family discipleship and Christian home education.  Pastor Andre then offered to the people to set up appointments with us for one-on-one consultations and each day we have been blessed to host families for 3- 4 hours each to discuss this foreign, but convicting idea with them.  So far we have met with ten families over the first 5 days and have appointments set up all next week as well.  Tears have been shed as they have shared their struggles and hopes for their children and as they have asked sincere questions about ours as well.  This idea of discipleship through home education is brand new to most of them yet we are overwhelmed by their commitment to the Word of God and clear desire to radically obey, even if it goes against everything their culture has ever taught them about education.  The body of Christ here in Vyborg is vibrant and beautiful and we covet your prayers as they take these courageous steps to remove their children from an infamously godless system and step out in faith to begin a lifestyle of discipleship.

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