What a fun day….

A great big thank you to all who came out to our 3rd Annual 5k Fundraiser!  It was a fabulous day of fun in the sun. Some have asked us what we are raising funds for… Great question! In the near future we have two opportunities which will require funding.  The first is hosting a leadership summit it St.Petersburg with local pastors and families interested in serving the area churches by forming a multi-denominational organization to oversee ongoing seminars and events as well as the distribution and translation of resources.    The second purpose for our fundraising has to do with an opportunity in Hungary.  We have a very strong contact in Budapest that has requested that we help them form a family discipleship ministry similar to what we have done in Russia.  We would love to see their dream become a reality but it would require an increase in our funding and support.  Enjoy the fun pictures!

Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-2 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-18 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-20 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-34 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-41 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-50  Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-62 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-78 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-88 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-124 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-128 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-145 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-159 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-165 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-169 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-171 Post-Paideia-5KFundraiser-20150712-173


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