Local Family Seminars

The scope of Paideia Missions is not only international. For those families near the Denver, Colorado area we would love to make ourselves available for local gatherings to share more on areas of family discipleship. Whether we host an evening event or an all-day or weekend seminar, you could hear on host of topics such as:

  • The vision of philosophy of Christian home education
  • Practical tips to getting started and the basics to teaching and learning styles
  • Teaching several ages at once
  • Building a culture of family discipleship in your home
  • Cultivating your marriage as the foundation stone of education and discipleship
  • Child-training
  • Protecting your children from the technological foes of the day
  • Creating a regular schedule of “family worship”
  • Incorporating your children into your family economy

If your family, church, or local homeschooling group would be interested in hosting an event like this, please contact us at info@PaideiaMissions.com