After five ministry trips to Russia here are just a few of the many comments and letters we have received as feedback from our work there…

IMG_2419_BorderDear Andie and Scott, we, the Kutchkov family (Loysha, Diana, Anfisa and Arseniy) are very grateful to you that you have come to Russia and we could listen to your seminar about home teaching! You’ve inspired us to teach our children at home, opened our eyes to what the Bible says about it.

We’d like to share the lessons we got after our meeting on Monday:

  1. God has given our children to US and it is OUR responsibility to raise and teach them.
  2. It’s OUR responsibility to defend our children from this world’s influence as long as they are not ready to resist it and home teaching contributes to this idea.
  3. Families with home teaching are much stronger!
  4. Both parents can teach at home (not just mother only). A father can give 1 to 2 lessons a week as well.
  5. We should make our lessons interesting.
  6. Shouts and annoyance are poison to relationships.
  7. It is important that father has quantity time with children.

Thank you for the blessing to see your example!  We believe that God will make a great difference in our church through your family’s labor.  We are glad to meet you!  May God bless you!

With Love, The Kutchkov Family

“. . .your vIMG_2587_Borderisit is a wonderful blessing from God. Your experience is an answer to lots of my questions about raising kids and teaching.  Long time ago I started thinking about Christian school here in Vyborg. Now I see how my desire to teach can be used by God in our church.  I can become a part of homeschooling system. . .Most of all I liked what you told about Christ centered education, what Bible tells us about education, and parents’ responsibility.  I totally agree with you.  My heart is there. . . Thank you very much for your visit, your work, your help, answers to questions. I’m grateful that you’ve shared your hearts with us.”
IMG_2501_Border“. . .When I was 5 my father left us – the government raised me as I went to a Kindergarten where I spent the night.  I then went to a government boarding school and to Young Pioneers [a Soviet, communistic Boy Scouts] in the summer. My family didn’t influence me but my government raised me. . .It is difficult for me to believe in something unless I can experience it.  As for homeschooling, maybe it is great that our own children are not ready for school age right now and we are excited to watch the other families in our church. My wife and I have heard the verses you shared.  We will read them, look at the context, and pray to make our decisions on how to education our children.”
IMG_2437 - Copy_Border“. . .You gave freedom to many families and many children. I love to see people reject lies and start to believe the truth, and then they have freedom. So many myths and lies are wrapped up in our education system and you helped us see that and I think many of our children will be made safe because of that. Thank you for coming!”