A Bright Blue Church in Luga…

Well, it is four days into our trip and we have been staying at this adorable church in the small village of Luga…


We were invited by the Pastor and his wife, Sasha and Katya, to come and host a Family Discipleship Seminar.  There are no known homeschoolers in this area but the pastor is interested and so are a few of the families who attend there.  We taught for 9 hours straight, including Q and A time over a delicious meal they served us.  It was a super full day and the families who attended were very open and receptive while discussing ideas related to Child training, family vision, discipleship, and education.  There was an older woman who serves as a caretaker of the church named Lena who kept us very entertained with her communications even though she spoke no English! It was a tearful goodbye when we left after spending three days with them. All 18 of us on our team slept inside the small bright blue country church so the accommodations were a little rustic as there was only one small closet with the toilet and no shower… But they fed us like kings and were very loving. They were so surprised that we would come all the way to their village to speak with them because they rarely ever have guests so they practiced all their pent up hospitality on us!


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