Another Trivia Winner!

Congratulations to Sophia & Andrew Zervas!!



QUESTION: Can you find the names of four Soviet submarines, when they were built, and how fast they went?


Soviet submarine K-19 (nicknamed The Widowmaker/Hiroshima) Speed: 17 mph (surfaced) 30 mph (submerged)  Built: Keel laid down October 17th, 1958. Completed November 12th, 1960

Soviet submarine K-129 Speed: 17-20 mph (surfaced) 14-16 mph (submerged)  Built: Ordered January 26th, 1954. Completed 1960

Soviet submarine K-219 (nicknamed Yankee I) Speed: 30 mph  Built: Keel laid down May 28th, 1970. Launched October 8th, 1971

Soviet submarine K-162 (renamed K-222 in 1978) Speed: 51.4 mph  Built: Keel laid down December 28th, 1963. Launched December 21st, 1968

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