Trip Report #3


I must say the past two days flew by in a whirlwind for our team. It’s midnight here in St Petersburg which means it’s three in the afternoon at home. I’m typing out this post on my phone in the dark trying not to wake Scott as he just fell asleep. That is after I found the plug extender, extension cord and adapter that are required just to plug in my dead phone!! As I told our team today, EVERYTHING is more complicated and takes longer in Russia!!

Our team of 16 worked hard these last two days so that all the details could fall into place. There truly was not a dull moment from when we woke up 18 hours ago till just now. We worked everyone very hard to pull it together, I even found three of our team members asleep behind the sound booth at once!

It was truly remarkable to see how the Holy Spirit knit each message to build on the next and how He filled up dry and weary hearts. I spoke with many moms who deeply desire something better for their children than the socialist, godless, conveyer belt education common here. Scott gave a message on fatherhood that was excellent and resonated with many dads.

There is so much more to say but I am exhausted and the Tylenol PM I took is finally setting in so I will save it for tomorrow… Das vidana!

PS. To see more pictures and videos please check out Andie Davidson’s page it look at

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