Trip Report #2

Day Two

What a day! God has been kind to us, giving us the strength to accomplish so much today. We started the day with a team meeting, prayer time and devotions together. Then we enjoyed a quick game of soccer in the courtyard of where we are staying as it was an especially sunny, but still cold, morning! Afterwards, Boris arrived and we began making the final changes to the conference packet, schedule and name tags. Then we headed to town to find a printer to make copies and to do a major shopping trip for the food for both the adults and children’s program. When we returned, all the books and curriculum that we brought and that was shipped from the Ukraine had to be carried up four flights of stairs to the conference hall. It was almost 2,000 pounds of books! We spent a few hours opening up boxes and taking an inventory of the books. We also had to set up chairs in the hall as we expect to exceed capacity for the room so we had to make good use of every square inch! The Furmanov and Botkin families, a couple of our speakers, arrived at the metro so we had to pick them up and bring them back to the St Petersburg Christian University Lodging Center where the conference is being held. We then enjoyed a delicious dinner made by Gabrielle. After dinner we had more work to do of setting up the seven different children’s program rooms and cutting out name tags. We finally finished at 2am and crashed into bed praying that God would multiply the four hours of sleep we were to get! We are excited to see what God will do with this weekend so stay tuned!

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