Our First Few Days…

It has been a crazy week and so much has happened that I want to share with you all. God has been so faithful to be our constant help in all our travels and for that we are so very thankful.  We arrived at the Purcell’s apartment Thursday evening and had a great dinner prepared by Cathy. We all slept surprisingly great that night (they say jet lag doesn’t really hit you till night 3 or 4 and we have discovered that is right!). 
The next night we had dinner with Pastor Yuri and his very sweet wife Svetlena.  They are visiting St Pete all the way from Vladivostok. They are on a get away together after the traumatic stillborn  loss of their daughter last week. Please pray for them… We hope to spend much more time with them when we visit Vladivostok.

We spent the second evening here with some dear old high school friends living in St Pete and ministering with Campus Crusade. Our kids loved playing with theirs and we sure hope to see them more when we return to St Pete. 

The next morning we hopped on a train to Vyborg- a town about 70 miles outside of St Pete. So much has happened just since we have been here but I will save that for the next post…

I will end this post with a few pictures of the train ride which was quite exciting for these country kids who had ever been on a train!!




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