Trip Report #4


Yesterday, after parting with our friends from St. Petersburg, we traveled by train to meet up with more friends from the conference that are members of a local church in Vyborg. Finding a place for our team to stay is difficult, but many members of the church have graciously taken us in and opened up their homes. Once we settled in, we had the opportunity to see a little bit of Vyborg. We explored the Vyborg castle, local market, and got to hear pastor Andre’s amazing testimony.

Today was a fun and restful day for our team. Our friends from Vyborg offered to take us on a day trip to Porvo in Finland. Lena, one of our hosts showed us an amazing time exploring the beautiful village and eating delicious Finish chocolate. It was a great opportunity to get to know one of our hosts. Lena is such a loving and kindhearted person that has blessed our group in so many ways. The team is now renewed and ready for the work we have ahead of us in Vyborg, Moscow, and Vladimir.

-Noah for the team

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