Post Trip Video – St. Pete Conference!

Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible – it was a great success!  We feel so honored to have been a part of this valuable ministry… Take a peek at the St. Petersburg Homeschool & Family Discipleship Conference:


2013 Trip Report & Video


Thank you so very much to all who prayed and supported us in this most recent trip.  Here is a recap of some of the highlights:

  • Our Travel: We never missed a flight, and all connections were made without a hitch! Our only negative experience was the loss of a 5″ switch-blade we had bought as a gift for Asher.  We had forgotten that it was in Scott’s backpack, and although we made it all the way through Russian security, the Germans were not to be bamboosled. . . those Germans don’t miss a thing!
  • Our Meetings: Every meeting we had was a divine appointment!  In some meetings we got the privilege of encouraging new families to consider discipling their own children; in other meetings we were recruiting willing volunteers to help us organize the spring conference.
  • A Conference Venue: Although we have not confirmed this, it appears that the Lord has led us to a perfect location for a Family Discipleship Conference.  We hope to partner with the St. Petersburg Christian University, a facility that has a great meeting room, several smaller meeting rooms, a full-service cafeteria, guest housing, and most importantly, an interest in support what we’re trying to accomplish!
  • Our Financial Support: The Lord provided every penny we needed for this trip, and even a little extra to begin plans for the spring trip.  Along with the sacrificial giving of so many of our friends and sister churches, I’m particularly excited about a grant given by the Home School Legal Defense Association and the interest on behalf of this great organization to be involved in this spring conference.

After settling back into our life here in Colorado we’re ready to get started in preparation for a major homeschooling conference to be held, likely in early March of 2014, in St. Petersburg, Russia.  We think our trip was a resounding success.  We have several Russian homeschooling families interested in helping us AND a possible venue to hold the event!

Check out the video below
to get a snapshot of the trip and please let us know if you’re open to help in any of the following areas



We made it!

We made it!
Hey there friends!  Well, after 18 hours of travel, we arrived in St. Petersburg!  Blake & Cathy Purcell, our hosts here, arrived just a couple of hours after us, having spent a few months back in the states seeing family and continuing to raise support.
Speaking of support, we’re within $600 of our goal budget! 
But I also wanted to take a moment to suggest that if some of you are looking to regularly support missions overseas, please consider the Purcell family and the Slavic Reformation Society ministry that they started back in the 1990’s to plant churches in Slavic nations.  I know of no other organization that is accomplishing so much in the area of church planting in this part of the world  Currently there are nine churches in 4 nations.  This is a serious mission endeavor and deserves some attention from believers back home in America.
To learn more about it, go to

We’re heading back…


It has been a whirlwind year for us and is hard to believe that eight months ago we returned from Russia. . . and we’re already planning to go back!  Deep on our hearts has been the desire to see disciples made in the world’s largest nation, and the way we’re trying to do that is the promotion of Family Discipleship & Christian Education through relationships with healthy established churches all across Russia.  As you know, our family of ten spent October & November of 2012 traveling across the country teaching in churches and sitting across kitchen tables talking about the life and purpose of the Christian homeschooling family.  And they heard us!  We could not have been more thrilled to hear, after our return to the states, how in one church alone 12 families pulled their children out very godless government schools and committed to take the reins of education and discipleship!  Now we feel it is time to plan something bigger, comprehensive, and accessible to share this vision: A 2014 Family Discipleship Conference in St. Petersburg!  Please read on to get the whole scoop. . .




For many of you, Christian home education has been the catalyst and environment for making disciples of your own children.  Back in 2004 when we attended our first homeschool conference, we were awakened to our God-given responsibility and privilege to bring our children to a Biblical understanding of God’s Word, His ways, and His world – it was a true paradigm shift in our thinking.  Since that time, we have sought to integrate homeschooling with international missions.  And with unexpected doors opened to us in the country of Russia, we’re seeking follow the leading of the Lord with our family, for the sake of their families!  So, here’s the plan. . .


With a national conference in mind, we need to lay a lot of ground work ahead of time.  We’ll have to secure a venue, speakers, curriculum vendors, as well as building a volunteer team of Russians and Americans to oversee registrations, meals, lodging, and many other logistical responsibilities.  Through the many providential contacts made while we were there last year, we’re confident we can put together this “Russo-American” team!   This brings us to our upcoming plans.  During the early weeks of September (next month!), Scott, Andie, and daughters, Talitha and Noel, are planning to travel again for a nine day trip to St. Petersburg in order to start the initial planning for a 2014 spring conference.




This is where you come in. . .  We are asking for you to help us continue the vision and deepen the impact by supporting us and praying for success. If this is something you can get behind, we would love to welcome you to our support team. 


Our financial need to accomplish this September Planning Trip will be about $8500

Two Ways to Give:

1. Go to and click on the donate tab  <OR>

2. Send a check payable to Christ the King Church to the address below


Andie and I believe that this may be the time for Christian families like ours to invest in ministry opportunities that include the whole family to stretch our faith and to prepare our children and young adults for a life of service to the King.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about what we’re doing, and to discover how you can be involved.


Join us for some fundraising fun!

Do you want to hear more about what God is doing in Russia?Then please consider joining us this Saturday!

You are invited to a Family Field Day and 5K Race Fundraiser
Saturday ~ June 8, 2013 ~ 10am
42459 Vista Ridge ~ Parker, Colorado 80138
Race Begins at 10am // Family Field Games at 11:30 // BBQ Lunch at 12:30

Please join us for a fun-filled day of family field games, a run/walk 5k race and a delicious BBQ!  We will meet at the Davidson Home for the race kickoff. Come to participate or simply to watch and cheer your friends and neighbors on as well as support the ministry work in Russia!  After the race we will enjoy some field games for the whole family and then fellowship over a BBQ lunch.  All proceeds from this event will go towards the Family Discipleship Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia!  The race will be great fun for everyone from the little ones who want to walk the whole way to the competitive young (and older) adults! Consider this an opportunity to get your family in shape, enjoy some recreational fellowship with the body of Christ and support a great cause!
Please call us at 720.851.5288 or respond to this email to RSVP if you plan on joining us so that we can prepare the food.

After seeing such fertile ground last year in Russia, our hope is to return this Fall for a planning trip in preparation for a St. Petersburg Family Discipleship Conference in 2014.   Come and hear about what God is doing and how YOU can be involved! If you are unable to make it but still want to donate to this ministry then please feel free to give by following the instructions on our website… Click here to Donate!

Stay tuned for more news…

We’re back home!!

I write this while looking at a beautiful sunset in Parker, Colorado right here in the good ‘ol US of A.  Thank you all for praying for our family over these past two months.  This adventure is not likely over for our family – many ideas for the future are stirring in our hearts . . . so stay tuned!

Our Last Week in Russia

Well, for our last week in Russia, we definitely were not just sitting around!  Every minute seemed to be filled with opportunities for ministry or building relationships for future possible ministry out here in Russia.  Watch this video to catch a glimpse of our week!

Watch the Davidsons in Siberia!

We are so thankful for your prayers for our time in Tyumen, Russia.  This is a part of the world that has a reputation for being a treacherous wasteland.  But let us assure you that the Kingdom of Christ and our God is growing in fallow ground.  We certainly didn’t plow the soil, although we met some of those faithful “farmers” over these past few days (and even got to plant a few seeds ourselves!)